Horticultural Crops Directorate

HCD in conjuction with USAID-KHCP has performed a baseline survey on National Horticulture Market Information (NaHMIS)….

The baseline survey was carried out with the primary objective of collecting baseline data on the existing national horticulture market, particularly with regard to current mode of communication used, type of information accessed, level of ICT awareness and identify the potential of stakeholders and the role to be played by each stakeholder in the implementation of tyhe national Horticulture Market Information System (NaHMIS)

HCD has been carrying out successful demonstrations and/or trials for different horticultural crops and technologies, mainly on new varieties of crops in the market. From these trials and demonstrations, we usually gather very useful practical information. We would like to share these experiences with the other stakeholders in the industry.

To truly move forward horticulture as a business into a globally competitive world, HCD has progressed its use of ICT Technology and systems. This has led to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. With the centralized registrations of horticultural crops produce dealers HCD has managed to enhance traceability of crops and curb unwanted activities in the sector.The centralized registration allows HCD to have close control of all the Horticultural Crops Produce Dealers’ activities

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